Garena Shell Cheat

Garena Shell Cheat

This Garena Shell cheat program contains the following feature:

[MAIN FEATURE]: Add from 1000-9000 Garena Shells to your account.

*Please note that using this program will never have your account banned.

 Screenshots of the cheat in use (I’m sorry about the picture quality):   

Garena Shell Hack

Garena Shell Hack2


[1]: Securely download the program below and unpack it

[2]: Locate the downloaded file and open it. 

[3]: Press: “Connect To Server” and wait for the program to process.

[4]: Login to your Garena account and choose your server in the dropdown. Press: “Login Garena”.

[5]: Fill in Verified Email ID and Password.

 [6]: Choose the desired amount of Garena Shells from the dropdown menu.

[7]: Press: “Login Garena” once again, and let the cheat process. Close when done and check your account.


[1]: Click the “Download” button below for a secure download.

[2]: Complete a fast and easy survey. (Instructions are included).

[3]: Upon completion of the survey, your download should begin immediately.

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10 Responses to “Garena Shell Cheat”

  1. Bartzzz says:

    Obviously not very smart to share it like you did, but idc because I got it to work :D

  2. carl0132 says:

    thanks for this. it really works!!

  3. jeFF_301 says:

    i can’t download. please help!! i want this :(

  4. sven says:

    Woah Garena Shell Cheats! It’s about time to be a gold member. tnx for this

  5. ChinCHAN says:

    Yes! Using this I’m not difficult to enter the room.

  6. tanner says:

    omg, thank you very much for posting this!

  7. warren-3011 says:

    Yes finally found it. Thank you

  8. Leonard says:

    wow man!! its working..

  9. Daemonés says:

    Very useful and amazing cheats.

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