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  1. mmobabrian53 says:

    Wow dude! These accounts are far better than what I expected! The list I got today had a bunch of premium accounts on it, and almost none of the accounts were taken. Thanks bro!

  2. pligg.com says:

    These free runescape accounts are fucking good. the one I chose happened to be maxed out in everything wow

  3. newnew says:

    nice leak cuz i dint know wher to get accs. ty

  4. daniel says:

    sorry for disturb but the link that you give for the runescape free accounts doesnot work.

    Edit: oh u fixed it now thx nice accounts!

  5. alex says:

    the surveys were a bit hard for me, but eventually got the download. well worth it! thx

  6. Barrineau says:

    Nice list with a LOT of great accounts. Didn’t check them all (128 on the list I got lol), but the ones I checked were awesome. Much appreciated

  7. Zane10104 says:

    hey admin can you contact me please? i have a question about the account list.

  8. Zane10104 says:

    Edit: nvm I got it working. Thank you :D Gonna have a lot of fun with this :DD

  9. jesse asks says:

    hey, I click the download button and have some problem. please fix it..

  10. jesse asks says:


    okay thank you. i got my accoounts! thanks!

  11. NVLpuxu says:

    Great list of what actually appears to be legit premium accounts! :O Cant wait to test out one of them.

    Edit: LOL those accounts are fiucking smooth!

  12. Jitan says:

    mighty fine list brother. how come they are all maxed?

  13. erikaov says:

    account is great ty!

  14. torystevenspnh says:

    Just grabbed the today’s list. Good accounts on it! I am curious though, as to if you are sponsored by donors, or how do you get these accounts?

  15. thedon says:

    Today’s list contained 74 accounts. Only checked 3 of them though, but they were more than enough for me :D

  16. nemoanimo says:

    great!! i tell this to my cousin.

  17. xcaliber33 says:

    thanks a lot dude!

  18. LoKi33 says:

    i tell this to my girlfriend.she love this game,ill wait him.

  19. bigSTAR53 says:

    waiting to my download.. :))

  20. gpk_henry says:

    i want this too.. please help.

  21. peterwhite says:

    this still working?

  22. stephanie_pretty says:

    if you update this please post again. thanks a lot!

  23. polygon51 says:

    got it. i will try now

  24. warren_jake says:

    i love you dude.. lol

  25. VicToria09 says:

    oh? really working?

  26. xxKevinxx says:

    Ruinscape is my best Game ever!!

  27. Icaruz22 says:

    Wow thanks for this it really works.Im looking for Premium Runescape Accounts

  28. bAdjao_peepz says:

    is this lifetime or trial?

  29. ANDREI21 says:

    im looking Premium Runescape Accounts.thanks for this site.

  30. LoLi says:

    waiting the confirmation of my survey,i want to play Runescape now hihi.

  31. Nadia_Sexy says:

    Thanks man. Im glad to see ur site and i got Premium Runescape Accounts.

  32. Louise44 says:

    Awesome! All accounts are premium and almost none of the accounts were taken. Thank You!

  33. Andy_Gorio says:

    I tell this leak to my schoolmate :)

  34. Carlitz33 says:

    got working for now..TY

  35. sEnie_poe says:

    Thanks for the accounts dude

  36. KiTeL2 says:

    Thank god i saw it immediately.

  37. LupeT131 says:

    Great! I had an account.

  38. TarGet_001 says:

    I Love Runescape! Thanks!

  39. BenSon_Gear says:

    Ohh Nice! thank you for the account

  40. J_kieL says:

    Thanks for the Premium Runescape Accounts!! I’ll play this later :)

  41. aric101 says:

    This is my favorite game!

  42. UaL_litO says:

    Wow premium account?

  43. Crazy_peep says:

    Im looking for this d whole day.Thank you i found this site that give Premium Runescape Accounts.

  44. tenten44 says:

    We will try this free premium accounts.I hope it works.

  45. nerI says:

    All your accounts is great! Thanks!

  46. BaSIL36 says:

    Premium Runescape Accounts ?

  47. Cash91_Boo says:

    It really awesome and working accounts!!

  48. ZenKO says:

    All my friend get it!! lol.. Thanks a lot.

  49. pintsik says:

    My fave game ever!

  50. kavOicE says:

    Premium Runescape Accounts…oh i’ll test this.

  51. LiliBeth says:

    Thank You for the Accounts.

  52. Flictron says:

    This Leak is very much good.Thanks!

  53. jessieGee says:

    oh thanks!

  54. Kiloto_Beam says:

    I suggest this to my officemate :D

  55. PRAKASH says:


  56. mau_tall says:

    i really want an account so could you please send me the login and password for an account? :) thank you in advance

  57. brandon says:

    its wont let me download, i cnt get past surveys.. can i please have a runescape account.?

  58. brandon says:

    are the lists still up n working.?

  59. replI96 says:

    glad i found this… i’m super lucky today.. got 182 combat & 99 magc. tnx man ur d best!

  60. Usher23 says:

    i’m waiting in vain… can’t wait to finish d survey. hope this is good

  61. chic_19 says:

    this better be good…

  62. RyAN says:

    No prob if all accounts have been claimed today bro, Im not that uptight about it. I’ll try my luck 2moro

  63. josemanaloto says:


  64. hunter2011 says:

    please, can i have one?

  65. Julian.54 says:

    got my accts. it has rs coins :D tks

  66. tristan80 says:

    i would love an account please my birthday is tom if that helps ;)

  67. Traxorz says:

    hey give me a account im not a bot

  68. matt says:

    Oh my the list is true!!! Thanks……… :D

  69. tom says:

    i filled in a survey and waited half an hour and the downloaded didnt work? can anyone help me?

  70. robybob says:

    time to level up on the game :D ty

  71. LiAm says:

    Thank you if I receive an account today.

  72. RadioActive says:

    Appreciate this bro!

  73. Sparklefart says:

    ooppss.. am i too late for this?

  74. Shewolf says:

    glad that it’s free

  75. Morthada says:

    Yohoooo!!! got an acct w/ gud skil. so happy ryt now. supah tks man./

  76. jatt_pawner says:

    Great List! tnx

  77. d_shockwave says:

    can you also create cheats for RS GOLD, RS Items and RS powerleveling?

  78. eL_TUNAS says:


  79. SHOCKTROOP says:

    can I have one too? with 99 magic??? :D

  80. Asphyxia says:

    tx for this now no one can pick on me :D

  81. deathmonkey says:

    time to become strong! yeah!

  82. Nolan says:

    no luck today.. i’ll come back tom. :(

  83. aventstone says:

    great job sir! ty for this

  84. JaCe.ParKer says:


  85. funk_sadie says:

    hey guys no one can hack your accounts if you set new recoveries. r these really FREE?!? I’d better check this too!

  86. hieuphan says:

    nice leak!

  87. bentley20 says:

    i’ll tell this to my room mate. he just got hacked poor guy

  88. kennedy says:

    hope this works

  89. CLOUD says:

    i’m selling my account because your leak is better lol. TYVM!

  90. vkerhlUE58 says:

    Do you have free RS powerleveling?

  91. stylish_gal says:

    i want level 100 do u have?

  92. GodofWar says:

    can’t believe i’ve got 116M cash! 200 Combat! 11′ 99 skills! 99 magic. love you dude keep it coming!!!

  93. kingOfRS says:

    i’m glad these are not 4 sale. tnx man

  94. ghkljoutlet says:

    pls help i need this

  95. dexter_yu says:

    Are you sure it’s free? Those Premium runescape accounts are too expensive. i’ll check this out

  96. cindy4ever says:

    good accts thumbs up!

  97. cvsmddAG says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for d rs acct

  98. mijekor says:

    need an acc plz :) w atleast 1 99sts plz? ill giv an acc bak if needed

  99. princewaqar says:

    i realy need this account my other 1 got hacked and it had at least 10mil

  100. stefannyyy says:


  101. megastar12 says:

    If its not too late, do you have any free rs accounts?

  102. brianwash says:

    how do i get one of the premium runescape accounts?

  103. hitachi90 says:

    Hello please send me an account..pls skype id: hitachi90

  104. XaVIER says:

    Got an account with high combat skills. will go back tom. hope i’ll get an account with 99 magic :D :D Gracias!

  105. jaycee_ann says:

    plz giv me an acct just got banned :(

  106. verydark15 says:

    I really appreciate this. My RS account just got banned.

  107. mellow07 says:

    anything would be great. I just got banned :( tks for this!

  108. cuntsticks_03 says:

    sick account dude thanks ha you and that golfwang post are the only ones i tried.. both legit :) love you :-*

  109. james_hide says:

    I saw this on the internet, because I needed a new account. Is this still available?

  110. outlethpjpfdg says:

    Don’t care what the account has, it would just be nice to have another :) Thks

  111. Karl says:

    Hey I been wanting a good account but none of these sites work so I was hoping this one does so if u could me account that is really good I would predicate it :) thanks

  112. maxim says:

    Pls pls pls give me a runescape account today. i think all have been taken today. I can’t wait for tom :( help

  113. MrCash says:

    Bro it’d help me alot if you got any skiller accounts left? cuz my skiller toon got hacked and its quite hard trying to support my fighter for pvp :) I’ll try again tomorrow. None of the accounts for today is a skiller.

  114. alexandru says:

    This premium runescape accounts have emails? or only user & pass?

  115. gowtham says:

    I was banned recently because a group of 30+ reported me for botting so since there were so many reports they just banned me with out reviewing my account. glad I’ve found your site. Thanks for the Premium Runescape 07 Account. :)

  116. outletpbidjsd says:

    do you still have accounts to give away? i’d like to get one please

  117. carloe25 says:

    yay! got a high level account. TKS!!!!

  118. joker09 says:

    plz I ned a good account with good skills and lots of runescape coins thnx

  119. xsgwmeIAhg says:

    Do you have an account with 99 Magic?

  120. fokhroutlet says:

    account please as high of a level. you still have left?

  121. Brody says:

    I was in need of some help with some accounts because mine got hacked. Thanks to this I have a decent account now. thx again mate!

  122. ymblys says:

    ya man i would really appreciate if u could give me an account

  123. fuzrqcHC says:

    You serious about this?

  124. irfan1993 says:

    plz need good acount i like play rs if you can give member acc by perfect need membership plz or just good acount plzzzzzzz

  125. Virgie says:

    Hi! I’d love an account, either with a single 99(or more haha) or one with gold
    I have a decent account but i don’t know if i’ll ever love him until he gets a 99 which i dont have the money to do. Thanks

  126. christian says:

    Free Premium Runescape Account?!? You’re my savior! My account got hacked and had the password changed. I would like a new one that is similar to mine so I don’t have to start a new one go through that stuff again.

  127. JulY_00 says:

    Can I tell this to my Friend??

  128. tjdxbaERyu says:

    hey im looking 4 a nice accT for mY sis as she just got hacked and as a huge fan of runescape she’s been playing ages so as you can tell she is very upset. I’d be very grateful thanks

  129. strongeagle58 says:

    i want to show my cousin that i have a better account than him. tks for this

  130. kikoli says:

    Thanks For the Cool Accounts!!

  131. frenchguy90210 says:

    I didn’t expect that these would be all decent premium runescape accounts. merci!

  132. escape02 says:

    great work! this is definitely more than enough for me.

  133. paul34 says:

    Thumbs up all the way!!

  134. charLes_roy says:

    I’ve been looking for Premium Runescape Accounts everywhere. Glad I’ve landed to your site. Good accounts!

  135. dre_huge says:

    I’ve been looking for this! Tnx man!

  136. quincy_pol says:

    Impressive Accounts yo !!

  137. maxim says:

    Hmm..I get One :D

  138. CreW says:

    Pretty impressive accounts!! :D

  139. isiah says:

    how can i get one? help (

  140. areil says:

    Perfect Premium Account Ever!!

  141. nasir roy says:

    Thanks for giving us the premium accounts your the best!!

  142. Adiel says:

    Thanks for this sir!! :)

  143. fabian says:

    Your account is awesome dude!! thanks a lot

  144. christian louboutin says:

    How to access the accounts?i want this sir!!

  145. Gian says:

    This is finally i needed.I will choose One.

  146. eLz_Poel says:

    Can you give me the premium account? I email you sir..

  147. vincot says:

    How?? can i have one?

  148. buyPo says:

    Finally!! thanks man!! cool accounts!

  149. frank says:

    this account is good.. thank you

  150. LiptpamyRaipt says:

    please contact me..check your email.. thanks

  151. virginia says:

    The survey is weird. How to complete??

  152. XaNdy says:

    This is it!! Thanks Man i found this site!

  153. christian says:

    Please give me strong account.

  154. psO9 says:

    Really Strong Account!THANKS!

  155. ANGELIQUE says:

    Thanks for the accounts!! Love yeah

  156. Leo33 says:

    Wow! Thanks for this!

  157. jeraldine says:

    Can i Get the premium accounts?

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