Royal Story Cheat

Royal Story Cheat

This Royal Story cheat program contains the following feature:

[MAIN FEATURE]: Add a custom amount Coins and Rubies.

*Please note that using this program will never have your account banned.

 Screenshots of the cheat in use:   

Royal Story Hack 1

Royal Story Hack


[1]: Securely download the program below and unpack it

[2]: Locate the downloaded file and open it. 

[3]: Fill in your login details once prompted for it.

[4]: Choose if you want coins and/or rubies and set a custom amount.

[5]: Press “Start” and let the program process. Exit when done.

 [6]: Refresh your game and enjoy the newly added resources.


[1]: Click the “Download” button below for a secure download.

[2]: Complete a fast and easy survey. (Instructions are included).

[3]: Upon completion of the survey, your download should begin immediately.

Virus Free

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8 Responses to “Royal Story Cheat”

  1. Meridith F. says:

    loving this hack already! my brother will be home at any point now. then i’ll show him :D

  2. ofddeV says:

    Royal Story is actually a quite decent game, and especially with these cheats :D

  3. TeKLA.KING says:

    Wow Thats Great!! I’ll Abuse it to make many many Rubbies :)

  4. Craig says:

    We need this..I will download it. :)

  5. bernice says:

    It’s working fine for me.. thank you!

  6. jinkie says:

    lol..its working hehe

  7. franciz says:

    Nice cheat sir.. thanks

  8. MiKoK says:

    Yes! This is it.

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